• How much will building a website cost me?

    There are a lot of factors that come into play when creating a website, which is why we like to provide our clients with custom estimates and approaches. Depending on the functionality desired, and the number of mock-ups requested.

  • How long will it take to build my Volusion website?

    All projects are unique, but on average we find that we can have a client’s website designed and launched within a few weeks. However, this timeline can absolutely vary if login, content, and feedback are provided promptly.

  • I need to have my project completed right away, can you expedite the timeline?

    Definitely! If you would like to have your project completed by a particular date, we can add a rush to the project, which will guarantee that your deadline is met.

  • What do I need to provide you with to create my site?

    i) Volusion Admin login details with full access
    ii) FTP details or my.volusion.com login details

  • Do you provide support after my site has been completed?

    Yes, we offer maintenance service packages that can be purchased monthly.
    Here you go: http://vstore.webdesksolution.com/?page_id=15

  • What kind of deposit is required to start work on my Volusion Store?

    Generally, we require a 50% deposit to commence your project.

  • How can I pay you?

    We send you a PayPal invoice. If you do not have a PayPal account, don’t worry, PayPal have an option to pay via Credit Card or Debit Card.