Customization is basically beautifying and enhancing the looks and layout of the website. Nothing makes a site feel like a reflection of your personality and work more than its looks and layout. Web Desk Solutions take pride in providing our customers with powerful and advanced customization. We have achieved a great milestone by using high level customization. We have created many enchanting and eye captivating dynamic designs for our customers. We not only do powerful and matchless customization as per our client’s request, but we also provide our insightful suggestion for customization as per our client’s business and requirements. We do such a professional customization of our client site that the site fully showcases the client’s extensive range of services. With our advanced customization we assist our clients to make their site as unique and individual as they are.

Customized Section

WDS was assigned the task of customizing sites in such a way that they can exhibit their wide range of services in a very personalized and professional way. With the assistance of WDS outstanding and innovative team, we did very powerful and advance customization for the sites. We customized a “Custom Tabbing Slider” on the top so users can switch to multiple tabs by staying on the same page. We also personalized a “Custom Product and Category” set up in tabbing and slider style in the middle of the page which exhibited a professional look and assisted the users to see different categories in a very personalized manner.

  • Customized Dynamic Two Row Menu
  • Customized Dynamic Promotional Boxes
  • Customized Category Section
  • Customized Featured Product Section

Custom Tabbing Slider

Also, we adjusted “Shop By” scrolling sections at the bottom of the page with great precision which exhibited and helped the users of the sites to shop by brand, category and much more. For helping out the customers and to provide ease to them, we developed a “Make/Year/Model” feature to filter out their specific results. We designed and developed this feature in Volusion with the assistance of our exceptional WDS team also this feature is not offered by Volusion. We customized the related products in a layout style which enabled and assisted the customers to choose the best products out of the given related products.

  • Custom Tabbing Slider
  • Custom Product and Category Setup inTabbing + Slider Style
  • “Shop by” Custom setup in Scrollingsection

Product Search – Make/Year/Mode Feature

Not only that, but we also “Customi zed Dynamic Two Row Menu” for many sites which helped the users to see almost everything of their need by simply staying on the same page, this eradicated the problem of going on different pages for checking out specific things. WDS also personalized “Dynamic Promotional Boxes” which displayed recent promotions and served the customers to choose best promotions for them to get maximum benefit. A “Customized Category Section” was also designed with the help of our remarkable team, which represented different categories in a very orderly manner and exhibited a stylish look. We also sketched “Customized Featured Products” section which disclosed top featured products to the customers.

  • Make/Year/Mode feature we have developed in Volusion. Volusion does not offer such feature.

Pop Up Add to Cart Button

WDS also designed “Add to Cart” pop up with custom script which depicted a very enchanting look and eased the customers to add their favorite items into the cart with just one click. Along with add to cart feature we also did “Tabbing Style Customization” on the short description area in the product page which gave access to users to check all specifications for a specific product by just switching tabs. And the last but not the least we designed a “Checkout page” for many sites which was a whole custom page and allowed the customers to shop their order and give billing information and register themselves so that they can get their desired bought items. We provide many more services in customization and will love to hear from you about your project so we can provide you with the most powerful and advanced customization at the affordable rates.

  • We have done “Add to Cart” pop up with custom script